The Unfair Criticism of Cam Newton

If your highest level of athletic achievements includes making the JV team, flag football star, intramural champion or any other related title, then this article may or may not offend you. Those seem to be the type of “athletes” that love to share their vast knowledge and experience all over social media.

Why is this guy starting off this article with offensive jabs you may ask? Well, I’m very tired of hearing about Cam Newton walking out of his press conference after losing Super Bowl 50 and how he is the most immature baby to ever throw a football.

For any Panthers fan, it must have been tough watching their beloved quarterback thrown to the ground and failing to produce the MVP caliber numbers he produced all season. Personally, it has been tough listening to a bunch of people who have never put so much effort into a high level sporting event and failed, much less a Super Bowl, talk about how Cam Newton is the most unprofessional athlete in football for being too emotional after a game. To clarify, I do think it is part of the job to address the media, win or lose, and that all comes with experience of playing in big games, but can we not cut the guy a break for being upset after not only losing the Super Bowl, but struggling to perform on the biggest stage, and then being asked to answer questions about that loss while a player (Chris Harris Jr.) from the Denver Broncos is sharing the same room answering his questions about the Broncos’ victory and his great performance, which he has every right to revel and celebrate, but wouldn’t that anger you if you had just lost the biggest game of your life?

cam-newton-0207162-getty-ftr-usjpg_1xxjod9gm8xrk1veu5ogqbnmwpLets not forget that Peyton Manning left the field without shaking hands with the New Orleans Saints after his Super Bowl loss. Peyton will probably go down as one of the most respectful athletes in all of sports, and a true professional of the game, but even the great Peyton Manning was angry and showed that emotion after losing his chance at victory. Showing no emotion and acting as if life is good right after losing a huge game like the Super Bowl is easier said than done. The players put so much effort and heart into that game and then fall short, are they not allowed to sulk right after? In a perfect world every athlete should be congratulatory of their opponent, address the media and say all of the right things. But unfortunately that does not always happen right after the game is finished and it takes a perfect person to do that after every loss.

So unless you have been in that moment and handled it like a true professional, how can you relate? Sure, Cam has some maturing to do, but don’t we all? I’ll bet he has learned his lesson and will handle it differently next time, but until then is it too much to ask that the criticism come down? These athletes do a great job of entertaining their talents for all of us fans, and many serve as great role models, but when they have just failed on the biggest stage in America, maybe we can cut them some slack for not wanting to talk about it while the emotions of the game are still intact. Agree or disagree? Would love to hear why!


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