Leicester City Will Win the League

This is the long list of the previous 20 Premier League winning teams: Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Manchester City and Manchester United. Four teams have dominated the premier league for 20 years. The last team outside of these four teams to win the league? The Blackburn Rovers in 1995. For 20 years these history rich, powerhouse football clubs have owned the premier league. This season, that streak will end.

And it won’t end to a team who has been threatening for many years, like Tottenham Hotspur or Liverpool, it will end to the likes of, till now, a nobody. A couple top ten finishes here and there, yes, but for the most part, not a threat to the likes of the giants.┬áThe English Premier League, in 2016, will go to a home that was in the third tier of English football no more than 8 years ago, Leicester City.

Leicester City, most recently, went into the Etihad and thoroughly beat Manchester City 3-1. Yes, they beat them because their two breakout players, Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez creating and finishing chances, they shut down one of the best attacking teams (at home) in the league. Manchester City has scored 34 goals in 13 matches at home, and is tied for the most goals scored this season with 47 (with, guess who, Leicester City).


Leicester City is not some fluke. They’re not here by chance and they won’t win the league by chance. They are tied for the lead in goals scored and have only conceded 27 through 25 games. They have one of the best attacking duos in England between Vardy and Mahrez and they have shown no signs of slowing down. Vardy leads the league with 18 goals and Mahrez is not far behind with 14. Mahrez also has 10 assists, shy of only Mesut Ozil.


The concern for the Foxes is the length of the premier league season. Do they have enough depth? They won’t be able to maintain this level of play. The teams around them are getting better and they can’t get any better, this is their best. They won’t last. They’ll be lucky to make top four.

But it doesn’t feel like Manchester City are getting better, does it? They just got beaten handily at home by the team that can’t get any better. I guess we will find out with more time, but it feels like Leicester City has found their stride in the past three matches. They are shutting down teams attacks while putting on a display of great attacking football for themselves.

The Foxes have a long way to go, of course, but I’ll make the ballsy call right now: Leicester City will have enough to win the league and end the reign of the powerhouses in recent years.


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